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Dwayne Johnson stunt in Hobbs & Shaw

The Hobbs & Shaw premiere was always going to be eventful. After all, it’s the first spinoff to one of the most popular film properties of the last few decades. Plus, you have major star power there, particularly in Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, a team-up which in and of itself is striking. However, throw in panic over a potential electrical fire and you really have an event.

Over the weekend, electrical sparks caused panic at the Hobbs & Shaw premiere. Some people began to evacuate the event as sparks literally flew and the movie had to be stopped. But people got back to their seats as the issue was resolved and Dwayne Johnson calmed the crowd with some humor and a pleasant demeanor following the scare.

CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg was in attendance for the event and caught the impromptu moment on camera, which you can see below.

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Come for The Rock, stay for the Statham burn. I love it when a good onscreen rivalry continues offscreen. Kudos to Johnson for standing up and sort of calming people down at that point. Sometimes people get antsy when the chaos dies down and an issue is being worked out. But it looks like the cast of Hobbs & Shaw stayed clear-headed and collected while the issue was looked into.

Director David Leitch also spoke to the crowd, noting that apparently some water hit an electrical box and caused the sparking at the Hollywood Dolby Theater. The issue was resolved after about 20 minutes and the movie continued.

Other images dropped from the event, showing seemingly confused people standing up mid-movie and attempting to figure out what to do from there after sparks erupted. Following the sparks, security was on hand to look into the issue right away.

Later, after the event, Dwayne Johnson took to social media and thanked everyone for attending the premiere and sticking around even when there was a snafu. It just goes to show that sometimes even big events with plenty of planning and backing behind them still don’t go off without a hitch.

Luckily, it could have been worse. People still got to see Idris Elba join the Fast franchise in Hobbs & Shaw and also got to see all of those epic scenes that have been teased in the first look trailers for the movie play out on a gigantic screen. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, potential fire or no.

You can see Hobbs & Shaw’s major action sequences for yourself when the movie hits theaters on August 2. Be sure to check out what we know about the movie so far and see what else is heading to theaters in August with our full movies schedule.