Bond 25's Peeping Tom Incident Happens Again, Studio Adds Toilet Patrols

Spectre James Bond watches the monitors in disbelief

With injuries, property damage, and being put on blast by Grace Jones all befalling the project in such a short time since it began production, it didn’t feel like it could have gotten any worse for the production of Bond 25. Of course, that was before the film had suffered a massive invasion of privacy, as a peeping tom had snuck a hidden camera into the women’s bathroom on set.

And now, another incident of that same regard has occurred, which has left the legendary Pinewood Studios adding extra security to the toilets located right next to the set of Bond 25.

The violation in question occurred when an unknown man slipped his hand and cell phone underneath the wall between bathroom cubicles, in order to film a woman without her consent. While the victim gave chase, calling for others in the vicinity to apprehend him, the culprit escaped capture without being identified.

Coverage on this incident from The Sun indicates that the perpetrator of this latest incident of peeping may be a member of the Bond 25 crew. As access to the set is locked down to limited parties, the most likely scenario is that this person works on the production itself. Naturally, an investigation is still ongoing, and the report on this criminal act has stated that the women on the set have taken to going to the restrooms in groups, so as to avoid repeated unpleasantness.

Even if you’re the most skeptical movie-goer, with no personal stake in beliefs pertaining to luck, fate, and the supernatural, you’ve got to admit that the production of Bond 25 seems like the closest thing to a cursed project in some time. Between the peeping tom situations, and most notably Daniel Craig being injured so early in the production, it seems like there are great forces against the completion of director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s supposed finale to Craig’s tenure in the role.

Add in the recent reports of supposed friction between Fukunaga and the production, and you’ve got a recipe for a movie that feels like it’s going to be lucky to find its way into theaters in one piece. It’s hoped that not only will the rest of Bond 25’s already eventful production will go off without a hitch, but also that whoever was behind this heinous act will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

Should further updates to the situation arise, we’ll report back with the news as it breaks. In the meantime, Bond 25 will be in theaters on April 8, 2020. Though there’s still plenty of cinematic action to be had at the movies throughout 2019, as you’ll find when you read our release schedule for the rest of the year.

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