After Injury, Daniel Craig Is Back The Set Of Bond 25

The set of the newest James Bond film has been one full of issues. There have been delays, rumors of delays, denials of delays, and also a lead actor who needed medical attention after injuring his ankle. However, everything is looking good once more as Bond 25 has shifted filming from Jamaica to England, and now Bond is looking better than ever.

A new image released by the official James Bond Twitter account shows Daniel Craig on the streets of London, alongside an iconic Bond car. It’s not just an Aston Martin, but a model with a history in the franchise. Check it out.

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If you wanted to distill the entirety of the James bond franchise down to a single image, this could be it. James Bond, looking suave in a suit, on the streets of London, with an Aston Martin in the background.

Hopefully, with this change in locations the new James Bond movie can put a number of headaches behind it. Filming in Jamaica wasn't quite the vacation that it could have been. Daniel Craig actually injured himself on set, which caused a delay in production. He certainly looks fine here and hopefully he won't be suffering any ill effects.

In addition to the actual problems on set, there were also a number of reported problems. Rumors indicated director Cary Fukunaga was causing problems of his own, but he, quite hilariously, hit back at those reports, making it clear they were untrue.

Of course, James Bond movies are ripe with rumors and they haven't stopped entirely simply because the shooting location has changed. The most recent rumor is that an appearance by Grace Jones in the new film is now off. While Jones' appearance was never confirmed, the word was the View to a Kill actress would be appearing in the new film. Now it seems that, while that may have been the case once, it may not be anymore.

Many of these reports come via UK papers with a bit of a tabloid bent, so it's essentially impossible to gauge the accuracy of any of it. Even a report that's true is going to have its credibility questioned based on the source.

With the rumored Grace Jones appearance (or not) and the reference to the Aston Martin from The Living Daylights, one wonders how many more references to previous James Bond movies the 25th film will have. With it being number 25, and it likely being Daniel Craig's last go round in the role, it's as good a time as any for a sort of retrospective film. Could we see easter eggs or references from the previous 24 films throughout the new movie?

Little is known about the actual plot of Bond 25, beyond that the super spy will come out of retirement to help his old pal Felix Leiter. Rami Malek will be our big bad. We still don't know the title of the film, but whatever it's called will be hitting theaters in April 2020.

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