Kevin Feige Has An Avengers: Endgame Scene That Always Makes Him Cry

Avengers Endgame Final Battle

You would think that the two major death scenes would be the real tearjerkers of Avengers: Endgame, but MCU architect and producer Kevin Feige disagrees (totally wrong, but we'll let him off the hook this time). Because he is the man behind this incredible shared universe, he's going to feel different kinds of joy and sadness than we are. For him, it's both overwhelming nostalgia and a professional pay-off. He has every right to be emotional, but he should also be proud. He has set a new standard for superhero films, and the world won't soon forget him.

Speaking with James White, Chris Hewitt, and Ben Travis of Empire Magazine, Kevin Feige highlighted one scene that moved him more than every other scene in the movie. It wouldn't be surprising if it was the most emotional scene for him in the entire MCU.

Almost every version, starting with the green screen, just actors running down a green ramp version, got me. Every time. More so than any of the deaths. At some point I know they're not dead, the actors aren't dead, it's not real. That moment of them all returning, with me it goes even deeper because it's, 'Holy Toledo, we've introduced all these actors, we've made movies of all these characters.' So that got me a number of times.

I don't have the same connection to these movies that Kevin Feige has, but I can totally see why seeing all of the actors and actresses gathered in one scene would move him. For him, Endgame is the culmination of 11 years of exhaustive planning and hard work, a feat of superheroic proportions. He reinvigorated the superhero genre, made Iron Man an A-List hero, and created a series of consistently great movies that shook (and continue to shake) the world.

For us (or at least me), these movies inspire me to do and be better. To get creative with everyday things. To protect those I love. To make the right choices even under the most difficult circumstances. That being said, Iron Man's death and Captain America's fateful choice are what got me, but I realize that every single person who watches these movies latches on to different things. That's the beauty of them. And while we're different with our tastes and preferences, these movies bring us together. But seriously, Cap and Iron Man are just the best and their endings were incredibly fitting.

Which scene in Endgame was the most emotional for you? Was it Black Widow's death? Iron Man's death? That all-cast charge during the final battle? The scene that always makes co-director Joe Russo tear up? The film has plenty of emotional scenes, so it will be interesting to see what you all have to say. Oh, and while you've got movies on your minds, check out what's releasing later this year!