Jessica Chastain On IT Chapter Two’s Bloody Scenes: ‘It Was Really Gross’

Bev covered in Blood

Spoilers ahead for IT Chapter Two.

After years of patiently waiting IT Chapter Two has finally arrived in theaters, picking up on the narrative of Andy Muschietti's acclaimed 2017 blockbuster. The sequel followed up on the Losers' Club 27 years after temporarily defeating Pennywise as kids. A stellar cast was assembled to play the grown up losers, including Jessica Chastain as Bev Marsh. Chastain famously asked for more blood during her test in the Ritual of Chüd, but she recently explained that it wasn't fun once she was soaked for days at a time.

Bev had a terrifying and bloody vision in the first IT movie, where blood erupted from her bathroom sink and covered actress Sophia Lillis. That was mirrored in Chapter Two, with Jessica Chastain remaining bloody throughout the final confrontation with Pennywise. Jessica Chastain recently admitted that the experience was "really gross", explaining her struggle with the fake blood,

I have some pictures from the end when they finally let me out of the tank of hugging Andy and Barbara. And smearing them with the slime that I was in for like 16 hours. That was gross, but also it was really disgusting to then wear it for the rest of the movie. I mean, it looks good, when I watch the film I'm like, 'It looks cool that she's still covered in blood, but not comfy.’

Jessica Chastain might have wanted more blood for her big IT Chapter Two scenes, but that didn't make it any more comfortable or less disgusting. And just how long she spent covered in blood became abundantly clear when watching the sequel in theaters.

Bev is covered in blood during IT Chapter Two's third act. Jessica Chastain's character has a vision that must overcome, in order for the Ritual of Chüd to be successful. In Bev's, she's trapped in a bathroom stall as it fills with blood and eventually must overcome her trauma and reach for Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor). While she's ultimately successful, the character remains drenched in blood throughout the rest of their final battle with Pennywise.

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During Jessica Chastian's conversation with Yahoo, she describes photos she has from the IT Chapter Two set, covered in blood. The actress recently shared one of those images on her personal Instagram page, and it didn't disappoint. Check it out below.

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Well, that certainly shatters the terrifying sequence's suspense of disbelief. Instead, we can see some of the lighter moments that happened on the set of IT Chapter Two's thrilling conclusion. The stakes were high, but that didn't stop the cast and crew from having some fun bringing the film to life.

It Chapter Two had a strong first weekend in theaters, and Andy Muschietti has been praised for how he developed and changed Stephen King's iconic novel for the movie. Jessica Chastain has also gotten attention for her portrayal of Bev, which was nearly teased in the first movie's credits.

You can see IT Chapter Two in theaters now, and be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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