The Hair Love Team Reacting To Their Oscar Nomination Is Delightful

Hair Love

There’s an old saying that everyone competing for an Oscar is familiar with: “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” Sometimes that’s a backhanded comment on how one particular night didn’t break the way that an honoree wished it would. However, when it comes to the team behind the animated short Hair Love, you can see that expression come to live with lovely results. Watch as writer/co-director Matthew A. Cherry and his crew learn of their honor in real time:

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The tale of a father and his daughter taking an emotional journey through the art and significance of hairstyling, Hair Love is a success story that came to the world thanks to a successful Kickstarter in 2017. What was originally meant to be an animated short became a successful children’s book and a pre-attraction treat that was attached by Sony Pictures to last year’s The Angry Birds Movie 2.

And now, the hard work of Matthew A. Cherry, and the team that helped him bring Hair Love to life has been rewarded with the potential to win a top honor at this year’s Academy Awards. So naturally, everyone involved is going to want celebrate!

That goes for Hair Love’s lone actor who scored a vocal credit on the film as well. Not only did Insecure’s Issa Rae get to announce that very nomination alongside John Cho that very morning, but she’s also the only voice we hear in Hair Love’s mostly silent narrative. While watching that first reaction video, posted to Matthew A. Cherry’s Twitter feed on that morning, you can hear Rae’s voice raise in excitement as she got to reveal the good news.

And to think, the night before Hair Love was revealed to be among this year’s nominees for the 92nd annual Academy Awards, Matthew Cherry was fretting about Hair Love’s chances with this tweet:

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The work and worry that team Hair Love have put into their Academy Award-nominated animated short shows through in every piece of the process. From dutifully raising the money to releasing their work online, and even their reaction to the esteemed nomination, there is nothing but love to be felt for this beautiful self-made success story.

And perhaps the best way to celebrate that work is to watch it for yourself. So without further ado, take a look at Hair Love, in its’ entirety, below. Oh, and quick spoiler alert, you’re definitely going to need tissues.

Hair Love faces its competition, which naturally includes an entry from the Disney/Pixar camp, when the 92nd Annual Academy Awards reveals the winner on Sunday, February 9 at 8 PM ET on ABC. Our warmest wishes of luck go out to Matthew A. Cherry, and all the other nominees! It’s an honor to know you.

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