The 2016 fall TV season is in the final stretches leading up to the oh-so-dreaded midseason hiatus, when most scripted shows take a breather and our televisions turn into conduits for repeats, holiday specials, sports and award shows. Not that those things mentioned are terrible in and of themselves, but the medium is less about imaginative escapism during that period, and people like me need to live vicariously through fictional characters, especially when more family is around.

And so I present to you lovely readers a selection of small screen series that probably aren't all on your radar, but they absolutely should be. (Admittedly, not everyone is going to like everything on here, but trying is like winning, in a way.) So as you start finding yourself with larger gaps of free evening time, you could do something that doesn't require marking off each of the shows on this list on your way to earning your TV Completist badge. Or you could just sit back and think about doing all those other things tomorrow.

The Path

As the TV follow-up to their respective critical darling series, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, Hannibal's Hugh Dancy and True Detective's Michelle Monaghan all joined The Path, the second marquee drama series produced by the streaming service Hulu. So that should tell you something, right? Many people only use Hulu to catch up on primetime shows, but The Path's twisting and emotionally jarring story of a cult-ish communal following stands up to the best that any networks or other streaming services have to offer. It holds the concept of faith up to a dark light, and you'll constantly be guessing at where these morally complex characters are headed next. Season 2 is coming next year, and you will definitely want to climb The Ladder to watch it as soon as it debuts.

*Where to Watch: *All episodes are currently available on Hulu.

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