Netflix's A Fall From Grace Has Big Twists Tyler Perry Doesn't Want You To Spoil

Tyler Perry, Bresha Webb, Crystal Fox in A Fall From Grace
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Tyler Perry’s latest thriller A Fall From Grace is the kind of movie that’s fun to talk about. The filmmaker known best for his Madea movies has packed his first Netflix film full of twists, turns and jaw-dropping moments to look forward to. The morning the film dropped on the streaming platform, Perry reminded fans to stay away from publishing spoilers and ruining the experience for fans! Check out his message below:

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You heard him! Don’t post details that will give it away! A Fall From Grace follows a young lawyer (Bresha Webb) who learns the story of how a woman (Crystal Fox) got to the point of facing murder charges for the death of her husband (Mehcad Brooks). Just when you think you know where this movie is going, it certainly goes for the unexpected!

Check out this fan’s response to A Fall From Grace:

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Without giving anything away, one viewer took away this message from the Netflix release:

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But, look – not everyone is going to be shocked! This Twitter user saw the twist coming pretty early into the film:

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Another fan of the movie wasn’t exactly pleased with the ending, already wishing for the story to continue:

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These reactions are only a taste of all the talk that’s happening online concerning the new film from Tyler Perry. And of course, there are certainly people taking to social media to delve into spoilers from the film. The filmmaker is doing the best he can anyway to sway fans away from telling it all online and taking away the fun from viewers!

In the video, Tyler Perry also took some time to thank Netflix for a positive first collaboration with them. He found the studio to have amazing representation and diversity and there’s something particularly special about all his fans getting to see it at the same time. The filmmaker was on a swanky plane in his message, continuing his farewell tour to his famous drag character, Madea.

Tyler Perry’s movies are no strangers to criticism – even among the community he seeks to represent – as some viewers have not agreed with the portrayal of black women. He was recently criticized for not hiring a writer’s room for his shows and opened up about being “ignored” by Hollywood.

With only seven reviews filed on Rotten Tomatoes for the time being, it’s tough to make an accurate consensus, but the movie currently has a 27% score and seems to have an overall middle-range reaction among fans. Check out our review of A Fall From Grace and see it on Netflix right now!

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