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When I talked to Bill Hader a few weeks ago about his participation in Greg Mottola's Paul, he compared the style of the film to early Spielberg. And now that Collider has come across an image from the film, even one shot seems to confirm that.

Take a look at the image below and tell me you don't get a Close Encounters vibe from the whole thing. Of course, Simon Pegg is wearing an Empire Strikes Back T-shirt, which is a pretty deliberate nod to the sci-fi of the same period. Also pictured are Nick Frost and Kristen Wiig, plus another woman who Collider pegs as Jane Lynch, but I'm less sure.

Paul, a movie with a fairly secret plot, follows two friends (Pegg and Frost) who encounter an alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) on a road trip. Anyone in their right mind ought to be looking forward to this, and even though Paul just wrapped a few weeks ago, I hope this means we'll be seeing some official images fairly soon.

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