Clearly Losing Captain America Still Stings A Little For John Krasinski

John Krasinski in Jack Ryan

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Comic book movies are the biggest genre in the film world right now, with plenty of studios starting their own cinematic universe in hopes of achieving box office supremacy. Finding the right actors superhero roles is a delicate process, with studios often casting a wide net in order to find the perfect performer. The Office and Jack Ryan actor John Krasinski was one of the actors who was up for the role of Steve Rogers/ Captain America, which went to Chris Evans. And it looks like Krasinski is still a little bummed about not landing the gig.

John Krasinski has recently been putting out a web series called Some Good News, in an attempt to lift the spirits of the general public. It's a sweet home made production, and features uplifting stories and even a Hamilton performance. The most recent episode also seemingly hinted at Krasinski's failed Captain America audition. When sharing some fan art that was formatted like a comic book page, he joked saying:

Finally there’s this four panel-er which I have to appreciate as it’ll be the closest I ever get to playing a comic book hero.

Ouch. While being an actor comes with plenty of rejection, it looks like John Krasinski still has some feelings about nearly becoming The First Avenger. Although there are plenty of fans hoping he'll join the MCU as The Fantastic Four's Reed Richards.

John Krasinski's quip from Some Good News is obviously a joke, especially as the zinger is told with a very Jim Halpert-esque delivery. And while the joke shows that the actor/director has a good sense of humor about his short comings, I have to wonder if he's still disappointed that he didn't get to suit up and rock Captain America's signature shield.

The joke in questions claims that John Krasinski has no chance of playing a comic book hero, but there's been fan theories and rumors to the contrary. Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox and its properties include a slew of Marvel Comics characters like the Fantastic Four. As such, fans are hoping that team of heroes finally makes their way to the MCU. And Krasinski's name is at the top of the list to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

Fans can re-watch the MCU (sans Fantastic Four) on Disney+. You can use this link for a free 7-day trial to the streaming service.

The Fantastic Four are an iconic team of heroes from Marvel comics, and their absence from the MCU was felt over the past decade and change of moviemaking. If Marvel Studios decides to finally bring them to the big screen, fans are hoping John Krasinski will play the genius and super flexible Reed Richards. What's more, they're hoping art imitates life with Emily Blunt joining him as Sue Storm/ The Invisible Woman.

Only time will tell what Marvel Studios decides to do with The Fantastic Four. As for John Krasinski, he's busy starring as the character in Amazon's Jack Ryan, and preparing for the upcoming release of A Quiet Place Part II.

The next installment in the MCU is Black Widow on November 7th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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