Henry Cavill's Superman Gets A Sleek New Suit In Amazing Fan Art

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

While DC's big screen efforts have continued to become more and more successful after a rough start, a trend that is expected to continue with Wonder Woman 1984, whenever we finally get a chance to see it, there are still many questions about the character that started it all. While Henry Cavill's Superman has had a rocky road to say the least since Man of Steel debuted in 2013, his portrayal of the character is still incredibly popular, and fans continue to celebrate him and the possibility that we might still see him again down the road.

The latest celebration of Henry Cavill as the big blue boy scout comes in the form of some awesome fan art that was dropped by ultraraw26 on Instagram. It shows Cavill's Superman in a suit clearly inspired by his Man of Steel costume, but with some cool additions including a high collar, bracers, and gloves. He looks sleek and powerful, though it has to say he also looks a little dark. While the suit, isn't strictly speaking, inspired by the Injustice series, I'm getting a bit of that vibe here. He doesn't exactly look like a nice Superman, he looks like he's going to mess you up.

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The fan art comes following the news that Henry Cavill is reportedly set to reprise his role as Superman at least once more in some future DC film project. All indications are that the appearance will be a cameo in some future non-Superman focused movie, though we have no idea at this point exactly what it could be.

There are reportedly no plans at this time for a Man of Steel 2 or any other Superman-centric film and while certainly we will see Superman as a character on the big screen again, there are no plans to bring Henry Cavill back. Having said that, there are also no specific plans not to use Cavill again, so anything seems possible at this point.

Of course, seeing Henry Cavill like this really makes one want to see him play Superman one more time. Whatever you thought of the DC movies he starred in, he certainly always looked like Superman and he looks amazing here.

If nothing else, we will get one more look at the Superman that could have been, even beyond whatever cameo appearance Henry Cavill may make in the future. We're going to see Zack Snyder's Justice League at some point in 2021, which is likely to be so different from the Justice League movie we know that it will essentially look and feel like an entirely new movie.

While Henry Cavill is one of many who have played Superman, he's only the third to do it on the big screen since the 1970s, and for that alone he'll always be remembered.

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