Will Hamilton Include F-Bombs? We Finally Have An Answer

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last half decade, you’re aware that Hamilton is one of Broadway’s biggest musical hits, and needless to say tickets to see the play cost a pretty penny. Well, now you’ll finally be able to watch Hamilton in the comfort of your own home starting early next month, as a filmed version of the stage production starring nearly all of the original cast members is headed to Disney+. However, there will be a few alterations, which include a couple f-bombs being taken out.

By the way, when I say a couple, I mean that literally; two f-bombs have been removed from Disney+’s version of Hamilton. This information comes from the man who created and starred in Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who noted on Twitter how due to Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rules, any movie that has more than one utterance of “fuck” automatically gets an R-rating. For Hamilton, that’s a bit of a problem, as that word is said three times in the play.

As such, here’s how this filmed version of Hamilton will adjust accordingly so that it fits within PG-13 parameters and is able to be shown on Disney+. As Lin-Manuel Miranda explained:

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It’s not often someone can say they literally gave two fucks for something! However, for Hamilton, it was a necessary tradeoff. While there are certainly plenty of movies on Disney+ that are more geared towards teens and adults, and thus too intense for little kids, for the most part, the service advertises itself as family-friendly. So unless the Disney executives had been okay with uploading the Hamilton movie onto Hulu, then two of the f-bombs had to be tossed out.

Last month, there were concerns that Disney+’s version of Hamilton would be censored, and while there were arguments in favor of keeping Hamilton unaltered, that just wasn’t in the cards. However, if it’s any consolation judging by Lin-Manuel’s later tweets to fans, it seems like this is the only major way Hamilton is being changed, with other curse words and the gorier parts of the play remaining intact.

Edited together from three performances of Hamilton from back in 2016, this filmed version of the Tony Award-winning play (which was based on the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton) was acquired by Disney this past February, with the Mouse House reportedly paying $75 million for it. Originally the movie was scheduled hit theaters on October 2021, but due to the global health crisis, it was decided that Hamilton would be released on Disney+ instead to coincide with this year’s July 4th weekend.

In case you missed the trailer for Hamilton that dropped last night, give it a watch below.

You can stream Hamilton on Disney+ starting July 3, and if you’re not subscribed to the streaming service, you can test the proverbial waters with a free seven-day trial. As for the movies that are still slated to be shown on the big screen, browse through our 2020 release schedule.

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