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Greenland Trailer: Watch Gerard Butler Try To Survive Armageddon With His Family

Greenland Morena Baccarin and Gerard Butler watch the world burn

Gerard Butler has faced a lot of different disasters in his career. Rogue nuclear subs, various armies of invaders trying to do him and his friends/family harm, and of course, a Geostorm have all tried to knock this tower of power down on his rear. But his latest film Greenland is about to use a pretty novel tactic, as not one, but several meteor fragments are falling from the sky, trying to wipe out Butler and his family.

Watch the apocalyptic madness for yourself, in the first trailer for Greenland, shown below:

Yes, dear readers: Greenland is showing the end of the world as we know it, and Gerard Butler is not feeling fine. Thanks to a comet named Clarke streaking past the Earth, some fragments have found their way into out atmosphere. And they aren’t just the cute, tiny type you can collect and wear as a necklace. Nope, Greenland is hurtling pure chunks of massive rock towards the planet’s surface, and at least one of them is a planet killer.

However, instead of letting action hero extraordinaire Butler suit up and try to take the threat down from the inside, Greenland sees his character trying to do something relatively much easier: he wants to escape with his family (which includes Deadpool star Morena Baccarin, and movie legent to a rumored refuge in the country this movie takes its name from. So for those of you who were thinking they’d get to see Gerard Butler kicking some cosmic rock ass, we’re sorry to disappoint.

There’s bound to be some craziness that makes its way into this particular film though, as the Angel Has Fallen star is re-teaming with that particular film’s director, Ric Roman Waugh, for all that Greenland has to offer. And there are definitely explosions on offer in this first look we saw, as everything from suburbia to a military airfield is fair game for the destruction this apocalyptic epic is looking to hammer home.

Some may think that Greenland is coming at us at the wrong time, with the world already in a semi-disastrous state with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in a summer that’s started off on a footing that’s robbed us of a lot of big and loud blockbusters that bring the thunder, seeing something like Gerard Butler trying to protect his wife and child from falling skies is just the sort of distraction that could brighten thing up.

Greenland is scheduled to hit on August 14, 2020; though knowing how this particular year has fared when it comes to theatrical releases, this could change. So be sure to check back with us here at CinemaBlend for further important updates.

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