Walt Disney World Is Increasing Temperature Screening At The Resort

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While Walt Disney World isn't entertaining nearly as many guests as it used to, the resort still has a lot more people in it than are probably gathering in any one place throughout most of the country. With that comes the obvious safety concerns, especially considering that Florida as a whole is having its share of issues. Even before the parks reopened, Walt Disney World was doing everything possible to ensure potential guests that visiting the resort was safe, and now it's increasing its safety precautions by adding temperature screening to the table service restaurants inside the resort hotels.

Previously, temperature screening was required before entering any of the Walt Disney World theme parks or the Disney Springs retail district. A recent update to the Walt Disney World website has indicated that temperature screenings are now also required before entering a restaurant inside any of the Walt Disney World hotels which are currently open. As with the parks, anybody registering a body temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, or anybody in the party of somebody failing the screening, will not be admitted to the restaurant.

One of the difficult aspects of Walt Disney World is that the resort area is so large, with so many different points of entry, that screening everybody would seem close to impossible. Still, doing whatever is possible is necessary under the circumstances, and it seems that the resort has decided that increasing safety in this regard needs to be done.

In the end, this should be taken as a good thing that will only benefit Walt Disney World. With most of the resort's usual guests being vacationers that are mostly not going to be hopping on airplanes to fly to Orlando, Walt Disney World needs to find more success with Annual Pass holders and other locals. There are some top-notch restaurants at the various Disney World hotels, and by adding temperature screenings, that might be enough to get many locals who might be looking for a night out to feel safe enough to visit one for a nice dinner.

If you're going to be visiting Walt Disney World in the near future, as a local or otherwise, not every restaurant will be available. There are three hotels that are part of the NBA bubble, so unless you can play point guard, you can't get in. In addition, the resort recently revised its schedule as it regards hotel openings, pushing back some locations expected to open next month into the fall and pulling others off the schedule entirely. Based on other evidence, it appears that the crowds expected may simply not warrant having more hotels open, though that does also have the significant downside of keeping many Walt Disney World cast members out of work.

Of course, Walt Disney World is still in a much better position than Disneyland Resort, which, with the exception of Downtown Disney, is still completely closed, and no estimated opening date has even been rumored.

Dirk Libbey
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