7 Foot 4 NBA Center Boban Marjanovic Has Some Thoughts On His Disney World Bed

Grand Floridian

If you're going to be stuck somewhere for several months, I suppose there are worse places to be stuck than Walt Disney World (just ask Robin Lopez). That's where you'll find the NBA right now as the players get ready for the forthcoming "bubble season." All the competing NBA teams are now staying in three different Walt Disney World hotels, where they will remain until the season is complete. It's an unusual situation, to be sure, but one that the teams seem to be acclimating to pretty well.

In fact, for some the new accommodations are being quite warmly embraced. Boban Marjanovic center for the Dallas Mavericks says that things overall are pretty good, but he has nothing but praise for his bed, which is apparently quite comfortable even for a guy who is massive even by NBA standards. He's apparently sleeping better at Walt Disney World than he even does at home.

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As somebody who used to spend more nights in hotel beds than in his own, I can completely understand the joy that comes with finding a hotel bed that is actually comfortable to sleep in. They get used so often that it's just hard to find one that doesn't feel like it's overused, because it is.

If you're making plans for your own Walt Disney World Vacation, the Dallas Mavericks are staying at the Grand Floridian, and while you can't stay there right now, because the NBA has it on lockdown, at some point in the future the hotel will be available to guests and then you can book a room in the place that apparently just has the most amazing beds.

Boban Marjanovic says the food has been pretty good too, and while I have no idea what sort of food the players are going to have access too, there are some truly great restaurants inside the Walt Disney World hotels so they all probably have the opportunity to eat pretty well. And if nothing else they can probably have Mickey waffles for breakfast, and really you can't beat that.

While Boban Marjanovic may be loving his room, it seems not everybody in the NBA feels the same way. Rajon Rondo, who, as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers is staying in the Gran Destino Tower of the Coronado Springs Hotel, the newest hotel on the property, was apparently a bit less enthusiastic about his accommodations.

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Word is the NBA players will have some access to the theme parks after hours, so they won't be limited to playing games, practicing for games, and sleeping in their hotel rooms. Hopefully, even within "the bubble" the players will have lots of opportunities to enjoy the resort, it might get a little depressing if they're this close to the most magical place on earth but can't actually enjoy it. They can have the fun for the rest of us that can't make it to Walt Disney World.

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