To Honor Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad Shares Touching Video Singing On Set With Sterling K. Brown

Josh Gad and Chadwick Boseman in Marshall
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We’re just several days removed by the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and the impact he leaves behind on the Hollywood community only grows as more of his friends share their memories with the public. Michael B. Jordan recently took to social media to pay a heartbreaking tribute to his friend, joining their Black Panther director Ryan Coogler writing his own message to remember the icon. Boseman’s Thurgood co-star Josh Gad has also joined in to remember the late actor, who died at 43 last Friday of colon cancer.

Josh Gad worked closely with Chadwick Boseman on 2017’s Marshall, a biopic about the first Black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall. Gad portrayed the insurance lawyer to Boseman’s Marshall. Gad shared this video of him with the late actor and Sterling K. Brown beautifully harmonizing together. Check it out:

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Josh Gad called the video a “blessed memory” on Twitter, along with sharing the following message on his social media as tears stung and rolled down his face:

There aren’t words to express what an amazing human being Chadwick Boseman was. You come upon people in your life who are next level good. This was a man who was beyond talented, and was so unbelievably giving. Not only as a performer but as a human being. Beyond being just Black Panther, Chadwick was T’Challa in real-life. He was someone who just gave and gave and gave and never stopped giving. 2020 has been so devastating for so many reasons. This one hurts because it's taking away somebody who is honestly one of the greats. I don’t know how to process this but I want to send my love to his entire family, and to all the fans out there. He’s going to be missed.

The more tributes come in, the clearer picture fans seem to have of Chadwick Boseman and the consensus continues to illustrate just how special the actor was. Not only was he a great talent, but a giving person who was truly treasured by the people he crossed paths with.

It’s sweet to see Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad and Sterling K. Brown messing around on set singing songs together. It gives fans, who were perhaps only impacted by his work, to see him for what he was. You can check out Josh Gad’s Instagram message where he spoke of Boseman’s passing here:

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He will truly be missed. Josh Gad remained friends with Chadwick Boseman as the years went on following their time as co-stars. Gad also previously shared this text message the Black Panther actor sent to him during quarantine:

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Chadwick Boseman took some time to send a sweet message to Josh Gad earlier this year (maybe sometime in the spring by my own recollection of LA’s rainfall) to remind his friend to appreciate what the rain has to offer during a time of frustration and pain. It highlights the beautiful perspective Boseman perhaps had on his own life and how he inspired others to appreciate their surroundings as well.

Since the news shocked the public Friday night, Boseman’s Avengers co-stars have shared tributes, including Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. Our thoughts are with Chadwick Boseman’s family, friends and fans as the world continues to process his untimely death.

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