Blumhouse And The Halloween Kills' Director Are Tackling Another Legendary Horror Franchise

Horror movies has been really flourishing lately, as the genre's continued renaissance has resulted in success with properties both old and new. Blumhouse is behind many of the most recent horror flicks, including 2018's Halloween and its two sequels including Halloween Kills. Filmmaker David Gordon Green brought Michael Myers back to theaters, and now it looks he'll be pivoting his talents to another terrifying franchise: The Exorcist.

David Gordon Green has had a successful career across various genres, but his work in 2018's Halloween helped him become a household name. While Halloween Kills was delayed a full year due to global health concerns, he'll also work on a third movie featuring Michael Myers. And horror fans will be thrilled to learn that he may be putting his focus The Exorcist after finishing his trilogy in Haddonfield.

This update comes to us from Observer, which reports that David Gordon Green is in talks to helm a new Exorcist movie for Blumhouse. It's currently unclear exactly when this project might begin production, and if it'll delay work on his third Halloween movie, Halloween Ends. But the movie is being developed by Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Entertainment, so there's clearly an interest in going back into the dark, supernatural property.

The original Exorcist movie hit theaters back in 1973 and changed the film world and horror genre forever. William Friedkin's supernatural horror movie truly terrified moviegoing audiences at the time, with entire generations of moviegoers having nightmares about Linda Blair's Regan. The franchise went on to have a few less successful sequels, but the original has a special place in movie history, even being welcomed to the National Film Registry in 2010.

David Gordon Green would obviously have some big shoes to fill when working on an Exorcist movie. Given the original's iconography the expectations are high for any future installments. The property was most recently expanded through a TV series which ran for two seasons on Fox. But we'll just have to see how Green might approach the property's timeline.

Luckily, the filmmaker in question has some recent experience with horror timelines. 2018's Halloween ignored all of the various sequels, and served as a direct follow-up to John Carpenter's original. It'll be interesting to see exactly how David Gordon Green approaches The Exorcist, and particularly if the project delays Halloween Ends.

David Gordon Green's second Halloween movie was originally supposed to hit theaters this past October, but was delayed a full year in hopes of making a box office draw when things are hopefully more normal in 2021. Halloween Kills' footage showed what the filmmaker was doing to further expand his vision for the property, and continue Michael Myers' war with Laurie and Haddonfield.

Countless exorcism movies have been released in the decades since The Exorcist hit theaters. They've continued to terrify audiences, as paranormal threats offer a different type of scares from slashers. But David Gordon Green has proven his ability to creates scares through practical effects, so there's no telling what wild imagery might come from a new Exorcist movie.

Halloween Kills is currently expected to hit theaters on October 15th, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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