Halloween Kills’ Judy Greer Offers Short But Exciting Update On Karen Strode

The horror genre was built on long-running franchise, and John Carpenter's 1978 classic Halloween is known for shaping slashers that followed. Laurie Strode's eternal battle with Michael Myers continued with David Gordon Green's 2018 installment, which was a direct sequel to the original. Two more movies are on their way starting with Halloween Kills, and Karen actress Judy Greer will be back to play Laurie's daughter. And while keeping the movie's contents under wraps, she offered a short but exciting update about the character.

2018's Halloween picked up forty years after the original, and focused on the trauma suffered by Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode and how that affected her family. But that family dynamic is no doubt changed when Michael Myers returned and the three generations of Strode women united against him. Judy Greer was recently asked if he'd see more of Karen's badass side in Halloween Kills, to which she responded:

Yeah, of course!

Well, that's definitely what people wanted to hear. Karen's arc throughout Halloween was an interesting one, as she eventually faced her own childhood trauma in order to fight The Shape. She was trained for survival her whole life by Laurie, and it seems Halloween Kills will feature more of that aspect to her character.

Judy Greer's comments to TooFab are sure to be exciting for moviegoers who can't wait to catch up with Karen when Halloween Kills arrives next year. In many ways she served as Laurie's foil in the last movie, showing how the protagonist's obsession with survival irreparably repaired their relationship. But she eventually took up her childhood rifle and pulled a bait-and-switch on Michael Myers where she shot him in the neck. And fans are dying to see more of that fighting spirt in the next two Halloween sequels.

Halloween Kills was originally going to arrive in theaters this year, but was pushed back to October of 2021 in hopes of making more money at the box office next year. The film is totally completed, but we'll have to wait a full year until its contents are finally revealed. Luckily, some teaser footage has been released to keep moviegoers satiated ahead of an actual trailer.

Pretty, awesome right? Because while 2018's Halloween movie was focused on Laurie Strode and her family, Halloween Kills will make the entire town of Haddonfield into a character. The cast is filled with returning characters from John Carpenter's original, including a handful of original actors. This includes the likes of Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cypher who are all returning to their iconic roles. The ensemble will also feature adult version of characters Tommy Doyle and Lonnie Elam, played by Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Longstreet respectively.

As the above footage shows, these actors are all arming up to take on Michael Myers themselves, as Haddonfield has seemingly cracked as a result of the Boogeyman's return. Judy Greer previously teased that her character's daughter Allyson has become somewhat blood thirsty, and eager to get some revenge on The Shape. Considering her father and friend both died in the last movie, it's hard to blame her.

Halloween Kills will arrive in theaters on October 15th, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies next year.

Corey Chichizola
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