Godzilla Vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard Clarifies His Plans For New Face/Off Movie

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in Face/Off

Director Adam Wingard is set to make a big splash next month when Godzilla vs. Kong is released in theaters on HBO Max. But with that movie having already been completed for a long time, Wingard is now turning his attention to his next project: a new Face/Off movie. While it was initially believed that this would be a reboot of the 1997 movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, Wingard clarified that this project is actually a direct sequel, and now he’s elaborated on what he has planned.

While speaking with IGN as part of Fan Fest 2021 to promote Godzilla vs. Kong, Adam Wingard made it abundantly clear that the new Face/Off will not fall into the reboot or remake categories in any way. He then said the following:

This is Face Off Two. And I can't say what that means exactly, but this is either going to be the definitive follow-up to that movie and everything that entails, or I'm not going to make it, because everything's got to line up perfectly.

So let’s get this straightened out once and for all: Face/Off 2, or whatever you want to call this project until the official title is announced, is not going to be a straightforward reboot/remake/reimagining of the original John Woo-directed movie that saw Sean Archer and Castor Troy clashing. This will directly follow the first Face/Off, although given how things ended in that movie, it’s reasonable to assume that we’ll be following along with a new lineup of leading characters. Though that’s not to say that a familiar face or two couldn’t pop in.

As for how far along he is on this new Face/Off movie, here’s what Adam Wingard had to say:

The script's going really good, Simon [Barrett] and I are almost finished. And Simon, who I worked with on You're Next and The Guest, we've been working a lot over quarantine, and this was our main project.

That’s all Adam Wingard was willing to divulge about the next Face/Off movie, and considering that it’s still early into the creative process, that’s understandable. This project was first announced in September 2019, though at the time, Paramount Pictures tapped 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox’s Oren Uziel to write the script. Wingard and Simon Barrett’s involvement was revealed earlier this month, and while it’ll likely be a long time before specific plot details are made public, at least those who were worried about seeing a simple rehash of Face/Off can take comfort knowing that this will take place in the same world as the original, where face transplants are all the rage.

Naturally we’ll keep you apprised on more Face/Off 2 updates as they trickle in, but for now, you can see how Adam Wingard’s work on Godzilla vs. Kong turned out when it drops on March 31. You’re also welcome to peruse our 2021 release schedule to learn what other movies arrive later this year.

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