Universal Studios Orlando's Epic Universe Theme Park Has An Epic Update

Over the last year the entertainment industry was greatly affected by the pandemic, especially the theatrical and theme park sectors. With Disney and Universal both suffering huge losses, and the latter’s Epic Universe park seeming to be stalled in construction for years to come. It felt like the third gate at Universal Orlando was dead on the vine. However, an epic update has given theme park fans hope, as construction is restarting immediately on the Epic Universe park.

Per an official update from Universal Orlando, the project is back on track, although at a slower pace. Citing the need to slowly, but surely, reassemble the team that’s bringing it all together, “several months” will be required to bring this developing wonderland up and running at full speed. Which is already a fantastic thing to hear, as the last updates given on Epic Universe had the world thinking that construction wouldn’t be restarting for years on this particular front.

Resuming the construction on Epic Universe comes at a time when the theme park world is slowly finding its feet again. Through masking policies, and other measures like Disney’s park reservations system, methods of keeping crowds safe and manageable have been evolving in the “new normal.” Which is wonderful in terms of Universal’s Epic Universe, as there’s quite a few timely licenses riding on its opening close to the originally projected 2023 window.

Most importantly is the Super Nintendo World project that will see the huge licensing coup between Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo come to fruition stateside. As the attraction has already opened in the Universal Studios Japan park, despite a delay to the attraction’s opening. Apparently, some visitors are being allowed to experience this bold step for the video game giant into the world of theme parks, which is only going to increase the levels of FOMO for anyone who’s waiting for a Universal park near them to get with the program.

But of course, there’s also concerns about how well the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and How To Train Your Dragon licenses will fair in Universal’s Epic Universe. Both speculated to be key lands in this latest parks venture, a years long delay to the project could have devalued the worth of those top tier brands being present. Though, on the flip side of that coin, the rumored Universal Monsters land would also have enough time to make sure hot brands like Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Man, or any other future Monsters related projects, would be integrated into the mix for full brand recognition.

While the theme park world isn’t back at full steam, and there’s still plenty of questions that need to be answered when it comes to the future of the park going experience, having Epic Universe starting construction again is a hopeful sign. Surely when the pandemic lifts, and the world feels safe enough to travel through again, there will be plenty of fun seekers awaiting their next magical journey. Which will put Universal’s Epic Universe in a truly epic position to fulfill that need.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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