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Why Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories Was ‘Quite The Thrill’ For Guy Pearce

Kendall Duncan (Guy Pearce) stares ahead in Bedtime Stories (2008)

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Guy Pearce has done a number of different projects over the course of his career. The actor has starred in dramas like Momento and The Hurt Locker and blockbuster films like Iron Man 3 and Prometheus. Of course, one of the more family-oriented films is most known for is Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories, which saw him play the role of snooty Kendall Morgan. It was a fun part, and fans likely enjoyed watching Pearce flex his comedic muscles. The actor himself actually found starring in the film to be “quite the thrill,” and he recently opened up about why this was the case.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Guy Pearce about his work in The Last Vermeer and, during our chat, he spoke on how he came to be involved with Bedtime Stories. And as it turns out, he had a very personal reason for wanting to team up with Adam Sandler and Adam Shankman for the Disney film, which made it all the more satisfying for him in the end:

I remember somebody asking me years ago, how I choose the roles that I choose. And sometimes it does depend on what I've done recently as well. And I remember in 2007, I did four really heavy films, one that was about a mass shooting at a cafe and then another that was about a girl who murdered another girl. And then we did then we did… Hurt Locker and then we did Traitor. So one was about bomb disposal unit one was about terrorism, so all these really heavy films in a row. And then I got a call from Adam Shankman about if I wanted to come and do this really fun Adam Sandler film. And I was like, Yes! [laughs] Absolutely! Please! It was quite the thrill to just get silly for a while.

Having starred in a string of films with such heavy material, one can definitely understand why Guy Pearce needed a bit of a palate cleanser. And it looks like the film did just that for him. The film's fun vibe, paired with the family-oriented nature of an Adam Sandler production, would likely make for an enjoyable filmmaking experience. The storybook comedy is currently available to stream on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

Guy Pearce’s Bedtime Stories role really allowed him to humorously chew scenery as a villain, and the actor has since learned quite a bit about playing a bad guy. However, his recent role as Dutch folk hero Han van Meegeren, is an example of a character who has a few more shades of gray. But most would agree that whatever kind of role he’s playing, Pearce can nail them all.

Guy Pearce was a fun part of Bedtime Stories, and it would be nice to see him get even more silly in another film. And even more, seeing him and Adam Sandler team up in another movie would be fun as well.

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