Wild Gladiator 2 Deepfake Sees Chris Hemsworth Replace Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Gladiator was one of those rare movies that was both a box office blockbuster and a major Oscar winner. It's still a popular enough film that interest in a sequel has never fully gone away, despite the fact that the movie's hero doesn't survive the film. Exactly how a Gladiator 2 would work if it actually happens is unclear, but one fan has an interesting idea. If the movie needs a new hero, perhaps cast Chris Hemsworth in the lead. As it turns out, he would have made a pretty decent Maximus the first time around.

Through the technology of the deepfake, which is equal pats impressive and terrifying, a fan has put together a Gladiator 2 teaser, which is really just a trailer for the original Gladiator, but it replaces Russell Crowe with the face of Chris Hemsworth. It also turns Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus into Tom Hiddleston, just to make the whole thing feel that much more like a Thor movie. Give it a look below.

As with most deepfakes that stick the face of one actor on the body of another, it's impressive to a point. Many of the shots look really good, a few less so. It's also a bit weird to have the voice of Russell Crowe coming out of the mouth of Chris Hemsworth. But it works in its ultimate goal which is to sell the idea of Chris Hemsworth in the lead role of Gladiator. It feels like it would work.

If Gladiator were being made as a new project today, one has to assume that Chris Hemsworth's name would be in the mix to play the lead. It's not exactly hard to believe that the guy who plays Thor and who is going to play Hulk Hogan wouldn't look the part of a Roman gladiator. And while Tom Hiddleston is the wrong age to play Commodus, there are a lot of other things about the role that would be perfect for the guy who plays Loki.

And there have even been rumors, not only that a Gladiator 2 is a thing that might happen, but that it's a thing that might happen with Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth and Russell Crowe are currently working on Thor: Love and Thunder together and if they want to work together again, there are certainly crazier places to see it happen.

While Gladiator certainly plays fast and loose with historical accuracy, it's not exactly a fantasy movie, but a sequel would almost need to be if the plan is truly to see Russell Crowe's Maximus return from the dead. Still, there's nothing saying that can't happen, and director Ridley Scott, from all reports, is legitimately interested in making the sequel.

While certainly not looking to go into production soon, all signs point to Gladiator 2 still being an active concern. How it will work and who will be in it we'll have to wait and see, but Chris Hemsworth may want to leave his calendar open, just in case.

Dirk Libbey
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