Why The Conjuring 3 Removed A Demonic Side Character From Its Final Cut

The Conjuring 3

Just in time for the gradual return of the box office, The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It released to theaters this past Friday. Fans are loving the new installment in the supernatural franchise, and the Warrens sure have their work cut out for them in the film. However, it looks like the demon-hunting couple’s load was lightened slightly due to a cut that was made to the third film, and director Michael Chaves has revealed why he and the creative team chose to remove an entire demonic side character from the film’s final cut.

Apparently, there was a pretty awesome character we’ll be missing out on in The Conjuring 3. Director Michael Chaves recently spoke with our own ReelBlend Podcast on cutting a well-received character and, based on his comments, it sounds like it was a difficult decision. Still, Chaves also explained that he had a good reason for the character being eliminated. Here’s what he says, exactly:

We had a demonic character in this film, which we ended up cutting out. And it was the type of character that could have easily (spun off). People really enjoyed him, but it was getting a little too complicated. The movie, ultimately, is a mystery. It needs to resolve, it needs to filter down to a resolution. And he was the type of character that I think, you know, who knows? Maybe he'll make his way into another Conjuring film. But it was the type of thing that if everyone was ruthlessly committed to spinning off movies, we would have probably just kept him in. But at every stage, everyone wanted to make just the best movie possible. And so sometimes that means killing your babies, or exercising your demons, and we did that for this one.

Don’t worry, no demon babies were harmed in the making of The Conjuring 3. Michael Chaves just means that sometimes to make a project the best that it can be, you have to get rid of some ideas, even if they are really amazing ideas. Considering the fact that fans seem to be loving the film so far, I would say that Chaves made a pretty good decision by cutting out a character that could have complicated the story. You can check out the full ReelBlend podcast episode with Michael Chaves below:

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If you’re disappointed to hear about the omission of an otherwise pretty awesome-sounding character, it doesn’t seem like all hope is lost when it comes to seeing him in the future. And for those who may be concerned don’t worry, the deletion of the character hasn’t made the film any less horrifying.

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It is now playing in theaters if you haven’t already seen it or, if you don’t feel like venturing back out to see it on the big screen yet, you can catch the movie at home by streaming it on HBO Max.

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