Carlie Hoke

Carlie Hoke

Content Writer

The Background: Carlie grew up in the middle of Appalachia in a tiny town known largely for its cave systems. Not a fan of the many mythic mountain creatures that roam the woods or spelunking, she moved to Richmond, VA as soon as she turned 18 and later graduated from VCU with a degree in Creative Advertising with a focus on Copywriting. After working through college in a number of motorcycle bars, dives, and 24 hour diners, she started freelance writing. She joined the CinemaBlend team back in 2020 as a TV and film news writer, and writes a feature every now and again. In addition to writing about all things Hollywood, she also creates blog content geared toward parents and readers. As a copywriter, she helps give women-owned businesses their voice.

What They're Into: Carlie is into anything her 2-year-old son is into - right now it’s dinosaurs and videos of guys with chainsaws cutting down trees. Very niche. Seriously though, it’d be easier to say what she’s NOT into, because she likes pretty much anything that comes from a creative mind. As far as film and TV goes, her tastes are largely made up of B-Movie Bruce Campbell films, anything that Adam Sandler has so much as breathed on, and a genre she fondly refers to as “trash culture” - think Eastbound & Down and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She doesn’t believe in bad movies, but her favorite is a toss up between The Crow and Dude Where’s My Car. Her favorite show is Psych, but she will throw down over Survivor being the best reality show ever created. She loves reading celebrity memoirs, watching Nic Cage talk about literally anything, and listening to her son try to pronounce "Triceratops".

What They're Excited About Right Now: The Brenaissance, Mindy Kaling's Scooby Doo spin-off, pretty much anything A24 has to offer from now until the end of time, and her morning coffee.

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