LeBron James Throws Shade At Space Jam: A New Legacy Haters After It Hits #1 At The Box Office

Lebron James in mid dunk in Space Jam A New Legacy.

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As a cinematic event like Space Jam: A New Legacy approaches the court known as the weekend box office, there are critics and cynics alike that don’t think it’ll go anywhere. Yet, what was previously written off by some as a nostalgic cash grab that brazenly served as an HBO Max commercial has taken the top spot at the box office. It’s all thanks to the fans, and star LeBron James isn’t afraid to throw shade at the haters with this momentous news for his big time legacyquel.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate Space Jam: A New Legacy’s upset over Marvel’s proposed second weekend of Black Widow fever, King James put it all out there in a simple, two word statement. Honestly, when the numbers speak for themselves, you don’t need to say much. Embracing brevity as the soul of wit, LeBron James released this message out into the world:

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Obviously, when you’re a player with a reputation like LeBron James, the victory dance is a very important part of the game. It’s doubly integral when something like Space Jam: A New Legacy vaults over the doubts that some cast upon it, only to dunk on those who said it’d never last. Though not everyone on the home team is celebrating in such a boastful manner, as Space Jam: A New Legacy director Malcolm D. Lee joined in the celebration with this very thankful message:

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Between an A- on CinemaScore, which has been known at times as a place that suffers no cinematic fool, and an estimated $32 million opening weekend, Space Jam: A New Legacy seems to look like it’s done the job it set out to do. Now all that remains is to see how the film does over the next couple of weeks, and whether or not Warner Bros decides if this is the last dance for Space Jam, or if the music’s only started on another game.

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Just when the world thought that Space Jam: A New Legacy wasn’t destined for greatness, Lebron James, Malcolm D. Lee, and the entire cast and crew pulled up a victory. When you really think about it, it’s only a move that could happen in the Space Jam universe, where the normal rules of the game don’t seem to apply. So whether your a fan, a hater, or somewhere in-between, you have to at least grant this cinderella story of victory to the Warner Bros team.

Whether you’ve already seen it, or still need to slam and welcome yourself to the jam, Space Jam: A New Legacy is currently showing in theaters. It is also available on HBO Max, for the first 30 days of the film’s release, and only with the ad-free subscription plan. So if you want to enjoy this looney new tune in the comfort of your own home, check out the latest subscription offer that can make that happen in a flash!

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