First Look At Walt Disney World's Joe Biden Animatronic For The Hall Of Presidents

Joe Biden Animatronic in the Hall of Presidents

Disney Parks will never be completed. Walt Disney said that back when Disneyland first opened and it has remained true throughout the years as more and more parks have built around the world. In most cases we never know when changes will occur but one place that we know will be changing every four to eight years is Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents. When a new President of the United States is elected, a new animatronic one is built to join those that came before. And the 46th President of the United States is almost ready to take his place, as Disney has revealed our first look at the President Joe Biden animatronic.

The image above shows the Joe Biden animatronic, flanked by animatronic versions of several other former Presidents. Biden will be center stage with a version of every previous President surrounding him. The animatronic of Donald Trump, who had previously been the focal point of the Hall of Presidents show, will be moved elsewhere on the stage to join the other former Presidents.

The Hall of Presidents closed in January alongside the inauguration of Joe Biden, and the attraction will reopen next month. When it does, not only will the Biden animatronic be in place, but as with [every President since Bill Clinton](, it will speak to the guests in the voice of the President himself. Biden has recorded the Presidential Oath of Office specifically for the new attraction.

President Biden's animatronic will stand next to a table that will be covered with various items of significance to the man, including peach blossoms to represent Biden's home state of Delaware, and the President's trademark aviator sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses inside Hall of Presidents

The reopening of The Hall of Presidents is happening a bit faster than it did four years ago. When Donald Trump was elected the attraction closed in January just before he took office, but did not reopen again until December of that year. When President Obama was elected the attraction reopened on July 4, 2009, though it had closed earlier than usual for a significant refurbishment.

While it's a bit difficult to tell from this single image, the Joe Biden animatronic looks like a pretty good likeness of the President, and when he speaks in Biden's voice the effect will likely be quite strong. Regardless of your thoughts on the previous President, most would agree that his likeness left a little something to be desired. Rumors persist that the Trump animatronic was originally designed to be a Hilary Clinton figure, that then needed to pivot when Trump won the election, but that has never been confirmed.

It has to be said that they're something about the Hall of Presidents that is just quite striking. From a technological standpoint, seeing all those animatronic figures, a technology that Disney started with another President, Abraham Lincoln, in one place, is extraordinary. Beyond that, seeing them all in the historical context, representing the entire history of the nation, is enough to make even the most jaded feel a little patriotic.

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