Universal Orlando Asked Fans Which Park Ride Was Their Favorite, And Of Course A Bunch Of Disney Fans Answered

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The official Twitter account for Universal Orlando Resort is one of those brand accounts that likes to do more than simply release useful information about its product. You'll get information on operating hours or other useful things, but you'll also get more than a little snark from the account, frequently directed at local Orlando rival Walt Disney World. And this is why I have to assume that the folks running the account were fully expecting Disney World fans to invade their account when they asked what their followers' favorite ride was.

Universal Orlando's question asks fans what ride they would ride over and over again if they could do so. Technically, the tweet doesn't even limit the question to rides found at Universal Studios Florida or Universal's Islands of Adventure. Maybe that's why some folks thought they'd have some fun and tell UOR that their favorite ride was over at an entirely different resort.

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To be sure, the vast majority of those responding to the initial tweet are limiting their favorites to rides found at the two Universal Orlando parks, but a few are either just choosing to be honest about what their favorite ride is, or they've decided to mess with the Twitter account a bit. This is really only fair as the UOR Twitter has thrown more than its share of shade at Disney now and then, so getting some of it back should not be unexpected.

And to be fair, the people throwing in their favorite Disney World rides into the thread are picking some greats. Flight of Passage has been a fan favorite since it opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Likewise, the finally reopened Peoplemover, as simple as it is, has been one of the most beloved attractions at Magic Kingdom for decades.

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But most are responding to the tweet in the way in which it was intended. Just like if Disney World were to ask that question, Universal Orlando fans have a lot of different answers. There are those that love the Marvel rides featuring Spider-Man or the Hulk themed roller coaster. There's a lot of love for The Mummy ride as well. Although, the majority of fans do seem to be focusing on the two newest rides in Universal's Islands of Adventure, either Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, or the brand new Velocicoaster.

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But while some love their thrill rides, there are others that prefer the smaller experiences. And there are also those that have a sentimental love for an older ride themed after all-time great film. There's a lot of love for the E.T. dark ride at Universal Studios Florida. It's an attraction that many have feared might not be long for this world. If it does disappear, it will leave many disappointed fans behind.

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There are some truly great rides at Universal Orlando Resort, both new and old. Every ride is somebody's favorite. And no matter what park you love most, or who owns it, there is plenty to love.

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