Given that the original Death at a Funeral was filmed just three years ago, in English, and is completely hilarious to British or American viewers, there was never any good reason to remake it starring Americans. But the trailer for the Chris Rock-led remake, directed by Neil LaBute of all people, has debuted at Yahoo! Movies, and it's not nearly as horrifying as I, for one, was expecting.

Sure, there are some obvious gags about people getting hit in the face and Martin Lawrence seems to be mugging in the background of every shot, but James Marsden looks pretty good in the accidentally-drugged boyfriend role that Alan Tudyk originated, and blessedly, Peter Dinklage is reprising the same role he played the British film (the trailer spoils it, but I'll still let you see it for yourself). And before you start saying that the American version throws in obvious gags, like the corpse falling out of the coffin and Tracy Morgan having his hand pooped on, know that the British film was equally ridiculous. Every now and then an over-the-top farce can be brilliant, and if the American Death at a Funeral maintains, say, 75% of the original film's genius, we might be OK after all.

Check out the trailer below. Death at a Funeral comes out this spring, and if this trailer looks remotely good, please please rent the original so we can all cross our fingers for this one together.

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