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"Behind The Scenes video " and "David O. Russell" are two terms that don't have a terrific history of co-existence. All you really have to do is enter them in a search engine and chances are the first result will be a video of Russell and actress Lily Tomlin screaming at each other for two and a half minutes. We now have a new clip from behind Russell's newest film, The Fighter, and while a brawl does occur, the director fortunately isn't involved.

Posted by YouTube user ShacoriaRobinson, (though curiously not on the IAmRouge website) the newest video features a confrontation between Amy Adams, who plays Mark Wahlberg's wife in the film, facing down her mother-in-law "who seems to be worried about his welfare." It's a bit hard to understand exactly what is going on out of context, but considering how little we've heard out of this film (it hasn't even nailed down a release date yet), we should take what we can get. Check out the video below.

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