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Shortly after the release of Tropic Thunder there were rumors that Tom Cruise’s hirsute studio executive Les Grossman might get some sort of spinoff movie. Those rumors went nowhere but after Grossman’s explosively awesome performance last night on the MTV Movie Awards, as you’d expect, they’re back.

E! talked to a bald-capped Tom Cruise backstage after his dance battle with former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez, and Cruise told them to expect more Les Grossman. According to Cruise “we’re working on it.” What he doesn’t say is how far along they are, how realistic a possibility this is, or how they turn what is mostly a one-note character (though granted, it’s a hilarious note) into a movie.

For Cruise, it seems like a smart move. Nothing he’s done recently has earned him more praise than his all too brief turns as Grossman. It seems to be what the people want. Besides, after a career playing nothing but leading men in thrillers and action movies, maybe it’s time for Cruise to try comedy.

Just because it was awesome, here’s Tom’s MTV Movie Award performance again. He pops out of the stage shortly after you see Ken Jeong’s crack:

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