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It's kind of impressive how fast Men In Black III has come along. While there's no doubt that there have been meetings about it since 2002, when Men In Black II came out, it now feels as though Barry Sonnenfeld woke up one morning, brushed his teeth, picked up the phone and alerted the press that both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would be coming back for a third installment (though Jones is still in "advanced negotiations"). We are still about two years away from seeing a final product, but we already have our first promo.

Sony Pictures recently held a launch event for their new line of 3D TVs at Sony Pictures Studio and Will Smith dressed up as Agent Jay (really just a black suit) and made a video for the event. The clip is only 28 seconds long, bootlegged - though put out by Sony strangely enough - and wavy because it's meant to be in 3D, but it's still fun to see Will back in the get-up.

Check out the video below.


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