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A strong marriage is based on support. If one member of a couple wishes to do something and it is within the realm of possibility for their partner to help, then it makes sense that said partner would. Enter Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann. While Mann has never seemed to have trouble getting work, averaging more than a film a year for the last 19 years, her husband has always been supportive of her career by casting her in his movies. To date, five of Mann's film projects, slightly over a quarter of her total filmography, have had her working with her husband in either a director or producer capacity. Some might call it mooching, others might call it a smart use of resources. Whatever you label it, Apatow is about to put her to work again.

Deadline reports that Apatow has cast his wife in his next project for Universal Pictures, titled Business Trip. While Mann's roles in Apatow's previous films have been largely limited, playing mostly bit parts, Business Trip will have Mann in the starring role. The movie is currently on schedule to begin shooting by January 2011.

Call it nepotism if you must, but it's not as though Apatow is casting Mann in roles that she is not fit to play. Be it playing the alcoholic Nicky in The 40 Year Old Virgin or Katherine Heigl's sister in Knocked Up, Mann's casting has never been viewed as a mistake detrimental to the quality of the film. The actress currently has three films in production without her husband's involvement, so it's not as though she is relying on the mogul entirely to fuel her career. Constantly casting his two daughters in roles in his movies is another story entirely...

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