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To recap, here's what we know for sure so far about Men In Black 3. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back, but Josh Brolin has also been cast to play a younger version of Jones's Agent K, and Jemaine Clement's villain character will be traveling back in time to 1969 to execute an evil plan. Working time travel into the already wonky logic of the Men in Black series sounds tricky enough, but based on some plot details dug up by JoBlo, it only gets crazier from there.

The important nuggets of what they learn boil down to the fact that Clement has been cast as a purely evil and badass tough guy named Yaz (bizarre for a primarily comedic actor), and Brolin will apparently be playing a 26-year-old version of Agent K, which probably wouldn't work even if you give Brolin the same digital airbrushing Megan Fox apparently had in Jonah Hex. And finally, the 60s-set story includes a lot of cameos by famous people of the time-- Andy Warhol! Yoko Ono!-- and makes jokes about the magical technology of iPhones. Basically the JoBlo writer says the plot might not make all that sense, but it's about as goofy and illogical as the previous Men in Black films, and those turned out pretty well.

This doesn't bode well for most moviegoers, though, since the only imaginable reason a new Men In Black would be worth it is if there was a good script involved. Hearing that the Men in Black 3 script will probably be as joyless and mechanical as the sequel pretty much confirms what we all suspected: this will be a cash grab, and we will be the ones paying for it. I love a good time travel story as much as anyone else, but this one just sounds hackneyed and obvious. Check out the rest of what JoBlo had to say about the script they read, and let us know if you see any reason for hope.

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