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Iceland's most notable cultural export is the singer and actress Bjork, but did you know they've got a film industry of their own running up there? Yeah, me neither. The Icelandic film Reykjavic-Rotterdam apparently made enough of a splash in Hollywood in 2008 that it was optioned for an American remake, and now the project has finally gotten going under the title Contraband. According to Deadline Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale are set to star for director Baltasar Koramkur, who starred in, wrote and co-produced the original film.

Kormakur played a former smuggler who is trying to go straight when he's, yes, talked into one last job. Presumably Wahlberg will play the smuggler with Beckinsale as his wife, whose brother botches the smuggling run that kicks things off. Universal will be financing the film after backing away from it a while back over a $40 million budget-- the producers at Working Title now have the costs at $30 million, and things are apparently ready to go at last.

Wahlberg is starring in another small-scale drama this fall with The Fighter, while Beckinsale's attempts at dramatic acting-- Pearl Harbor, Nothing But the Truth-- have been slightly less successful. Neither is likely to be all that expensive on a drama like this, and both have their fans they can draw in when teaming up. The biggest question I'd have would be about Kormakur switching over to English and directing a story he knows so well, but that's a mystery we won't be able to solve until the movie appears, so we'll just have to wait and wonder for now.

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