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Robert Zemeckis is finally ready to stop terrifying his audience with dead-eyed characters. As reported back in April, the director is finally ready to make his first live-action film since Cast Away in 2007 with Flight, a project scripted by Real Steel writer John Gatins. The story follows a pilot who successfully saves his passengers mid-flight, but is hiding the fact that it was his drug addiction that nearly got them all killed. Now it seems that Zemeckis may have found his leading man.

The Los Angeles Times reports from an unnamed source that Denzel Washington is now in talks to play the troubled anti-hero. The project has seen its ups and downs in the past couple weeks as neither the director nor Paramountwas certain that they wanted to move forward. Now Flight is on target for a fall start date though the deal with Washington still hasn't been finalized. The news organization contacted both the studio and one of the film's producers for comment and both declined, but the information was confirmed by a second unnamed source. Washington will next be seen in Safe House opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Though I didn't despise Robert Zemeckis' motion capture adventure as much as some people - I actually quite liked Beowulf - I am excited to see Zemeckis return to live action, particularly with an actor like Denzel Washington. The man spent so many years creating truly wonderful films, from Back To The Future to Forrest Gump, and if he can capture even a sliver of that feeling again, we should be in for a treat.

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