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I still have no idea what to make of Paul W.S. Anderson's Three Musketeers, and right now I think that's a very good thing. The director behind much of the Resident Evil franchise and Death Race is switching gears to corsets and swords for a new movie based on the classic French novel, but just because he's gone to the past doesn't mean he's slowed down-- the film's first trailer showed enough explosions and buxom Milla Jovovich to fit right in next to the Resident Evil franchise. What kind of mix of present and past are we supposed to be expecting here?

Now the film's first poster has shown up to make things even more confusing. Debuting at Yahoo! Movies and available for your perusal below, it's a deliberately old-fashioned affair, looking almost hand-drawn and echoing the old work Drew Struzan did for the Indiana Jones movies, kind of like the Super 8 one that turned out to be fan-made. But the Musketeers poster also features Jovovich giving her best sexyface, Orlando Bloom glowering comically from the top spot, and Logan Lerman standing in the middle as the youngest Musketeer but apparently also the most confused. There's a lot going on here, and while I like the old-school vibe I'm not sure what else we're supposed to get out of the poster beyond "There are a lot of people in this movie! And hey look, Christoph Waltz with a hairpiece!"

Of course, that might be enough to sell you as it is. Check out the poster below, and see The Three Musketeers in theaters on October 14.

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