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When a major movie films in New York, you can generally expect paparazzi photos to follow-- it's not the concrete jungle with a private security fence, you know. But The Dictator, the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy currently shooting, seems to be going to unusual lengths to embrace its openness to the public. It's unclear if the website DictatorTheMovie is actually owned by the producers or the studio Paramount-- the lack of logos or copyright seems to indicate it isn't-- but at least someone is going to great lengths to collect the photos taken of the actors on the set, and there's a ton of them.

The most interesting you can see below, in which one of Baron Cohen's two characters participates in a protest that I presume is against his other character, the vicious dictator of a fictional Middle Eastern country. The plot kicks off when that dictator is secretly overthrown and replaced by a goat farmer lookalike, and while I'd assume that was the goat farmer, other set photos show this disheveled guy cavorting around New York City on a scooter with Anna Faris. We know from press releases that Faris's character kicks up a relationship with the dictator himself when he's deposed and left wandering the streets of the city, so I guess what we're seeing here is the dictator falling on hard times without the military behind him, and I guess joining the protest for lack of other things to do. Check out a few of the protest and scooter photos below.

At the website there are also images of the dictator himself-- who we've already seen in full military regalia and crazy beard-- in a different costume, and even shots of Megan Fox on her way to the set. You could probably spoil The Dictator for yourself entirely at this point if you were inclined to, but I think you know I don't recommend that. Anyway, the movie opens on May 11 next year, so it's not like you have to wait that long.

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