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Just before the film's world premiere at Comic Con on Saturday, director Jon Favreau referred to his new movie Cowboys & Aliens as a mysterious Christmas present, a big and gangly one marked "From Santa" that might seem frustratingly mysterious compared to some of the other presents we've gotten this summer moviegoing season. As he told the crowd of fans at the premiere, "you’re the first people to unwrap the present," and based on the wild cheers throughout the movie-- that may or may not have had to do with the fact that the film's stars were sitting a few rows behind them-- Favreau chose a good crowd to test out his movie with a week before release.

But the fact remains that Cowboys & Aliens is a tough sell, an original story with a slightly goofy title and a plot that's remained mysterious throughout the film's marketing, which seems to have settled on shady images of the film's stars Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford. With just a few days to go before opening it's time to lay most of the film's cards out on the table, and there's a lot of that happening in the new interactive trailer that premiered at Yahoo! In some ways it's a chance for them to show off their interviews with the cast & crew, but the little boxes of information that pop up when you click the trailer also reveal a lot of things about the film's plot and setting that had previously been mysterious. The footage in the trailer gets really detailed too, revealing far more about Olivia Wilde's characters and teasing some of the action in the third act that, if I were you, I might have wanted to keep a surprise until I actually saw the film.

If you're still curious about the movie, though, and not quite sure what to make of it, check out the interactive trailer to finally know the goods about Cowboys & Aliens. There's a lot in there to explore, and I promise you won't entirely spoil yourself by watching it-- though, as always with this kind of detailed marketing, you'll have to judge that for yourself. Cowboys & Aliens opens this Friday.

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