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Recent animated family features transported audiences to the red planet, where Martians needed our mothers, and to the unusually suburban Planet 51. For the Weinstein Company’s next adventure, we’re apparently venturing to the fictional planet of Baab, where Brendan Fraser is worshipped as an intergalactic hero and Rob Corddry is the real brains behind the operation.

Fraser and Corddry are joining Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, James Gandolfini and Craig Robinson as the vocal talents in the 3D animated comedy Escape from Planet Earth, according to a release sent out by the studio. Callan Brunker, storyboard artist on Despicable Me and the underrated Horton Hears a Who!, is graduating to the director’s chair where he’ll tell the story of admired astronaut Scorch Supernova (Fraser) who embarks on a dangerous mission and is compromised, forcing his nerdy sibling, Gary (Corddry), to step up and be the hero.

"Escape From Planet Earth has got it all ... explosions, romance and a cast of hilarious aliens,"Brunker said of the project. "We are having a great time making it, which is coming across on the screen." It has been confirmed that Gandolfini will voice the the central villain, named Shanker; Alba will be Lena, the non-nonsense head of mission control at BASA; and Parker will be Gary’s adventurous wife, Kira.

We know space is the final frontier, but animated adventures set in distant galaxies are growing a little old. Given the title and the idea that Fraser’s character will have to be rescued from an “alien” location, however, I’m guessing the residents of the planet Baab land on the third rock from the sun, and will have to figure out how to get off of our planet. Escape will be released sometime next year.

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