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It’s been nearly five years since Zack Snyder blew all of our minds with the wildly visual and hyper-muscly 300. The stylized effects, coupled with the arguably overused slo-mo effects, really put Snyder on the map and sparked a ton of interest in the Frank Miller graphic novel. Naturally, since 300 made back its budget in just one weekend, the studio wanted a sequel and so did many fans.

We got our first look at Miller’s Xerxes back in June of 2010, and has since been through the development ringer. With people on and off the project, diminishing interest from the public, and their inability to even nail down a name has shaken confidence in the once-hot property. But now, Warner Bros. has remedied at least one of those problems by giving it an actual, honest to goodness name -- 300: The Battle of Artemisium.

Much like 300’s depiction of the historic battle of Thermopylae, The Battle of Artemisium also is a recorded event in Persian/Greek history. The three day battle took place in parallel with Thermopylae, and thus opens a lot of doors for crossovers and nods to the other film.

According to Fusible, this name change should still be taken as a bit of a rumor since the news comes simply from some domain names that Warner Bros. has registered, but due to their secrecy about it, expect that this will be the confirmed title very soon.

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