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These skies don’t look so friendly. In Takashi Shimizu’s 7500, a planeload of passengers crossing the Pacific Ocean en route to Tokyo encounter a supernatural force that threatens to pick off each unsuspecting flier in gruesome fashion. The first teaser trailer from CBS Films reached the Internet this morning. We have it below (via IGN):

That slow-tempo rendition of John Denver’s usually sunny “Leaving On a Jet Plane” is haunting. Who sings that? It really helps set the ominous mood as passengers board what might be a haunted flight. Shimizu is best known for his Grudge films, and 7500 features many of the same jump-cut horror edits that are geared toward jolting audiences out of our chairs.

The challenge with setting an entire story on board an airplane is maintaining suspense without being able to exit your scenario. Ask Jodie Foster or Samuel L. Jackson how limiting the setting was on Flight Plan or Snake on a Plane, respectively, and they’ll probably tell you how much better things can be on the ground.

But Shimizu isn’t giving his cast that option with 7500, so expect the ensemble to be put through the mile-high ringer. The airborne horror stars Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart, Ryan Kwanten, Jamie Chung and the great Johnathon Schaech, lead singer of The Wonders (from That Thing You Do!). It reaches theaters at the end of August, and might change the way you feel about flying forever. What do you think? Does the teaser work for you? Would you like to see more? Let us know in the comments section below.