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The man of many characters, Sacha Baron Cohen, is coming back to the big screen as Admiral General Aladeen, otherwise known as simply The Dictator. After a brief hiatus from his own creations, including a lovely supporting turn in Martin Scorsese's Academy Award nominated Hugo, the comedian is re-teaming with director Larry Charles for another mockumentary very much in the vein of his breakout film Borat. The star's newest effort looks as outrageous, controversial and hilarious as his first and, if you are itching for more information on the film's fictional setting and leader, The Republic of Wadiya has just launched an official website.

Many critics, myself included, felt that Bruno was quite a step down in quality (as well as laughs) for Cohen but if theRepublic of Wadiya website is an accurate indication of what to expect from the upcoming film, well, it should prove a hilarious return to form. Of course, the first thing that you notice when visited the mock-Nation's web presence is that the entire site is in Wadiyan which, if nothing else, shows the utter devotion and crazy amount of work that Cohen and company are putting behind this creation. Okay, so it just looks like any number of Middle Eastern languages but it still got a quick laugh from me and set the tone for what to expect when exploring the rest of the site. You know, after switching the text to a decipherable English.

Aside from the obvious perks of the site, like never before seen photos, some of the highlights include Admiral General Aladeen's outrageous biographical claims (he was born in 1982, any photos taken before that date "were doctored by the corrupt Zionist Western media"), the Nation's calendar (that not only shows multiple birthdays for the Dictator but also highlights their prestigious March Insanity Basketball game "against refugee school children and amputees"), the 500 day weather forecast (always a sunny, 96 degrees with no chance of rain) and finally, the amazing blog roll that actually links to the kind of despots and leadership which Cohen is out to satirize. An incredibly smart (and brave) comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen has created a marketing gem with the website which has already provided more laughs than a few studio released comedies. Take a little while to explore, you're sure to find something to chuckle about.

The Dictator opens on May 11th.

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