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The next installment of the Paranormal Activity has locked in a writer, and it’s someone who is no stranger to found footage horror. Zack Estrin, whose current work you’ve seen on ABC if you’ve been watching The River, is reportedly penned a deal to pen the fourth Paranormal Activity film.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, noting the connection between Estrin and the popular found footage horror film franchise. Estrin is an executive producer on ABC’s new horror-drama The River, which is also executive-produced by Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum and producer/director Oren Peli.

While most of Estrin’s writing credits were for the small screen, having served as an executive producer on Prison Break, Tru Calling, and No Ordinary Family, the dark nature of the current TV series for which he’s writing, added to his connections with Peli and Blum do instill some confidence that he may be just the right man for this job. It should be interesting to see what kind of story he writes for the series’ next chapter.

At this point, details are slim on PA4. We know it’s set to hit theaters on October 19, and that PA3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are expected to return, though the Reporter states that their source says those deals having been finalized yet. Now that the film has a writer, hopefully we’ll get some details on what the story will focus on soon, including whether PA4 will continue to travel back in time, as the previous two sequels have, or if it will focus on another family.

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