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Fans of found footage horror have the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity series to look forward this fall. And from what’s being reported, it sounds like an offshoot of the popular franchise is in the works, in the form of a semi-related horror film by some of the people behind Paranormal Activity.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that a new project is in the works between Paramount and the producers of Paranormal Activity, which will reunite PA producers Jason Blum and Oren Peli, with PA sequel writer Christopher Landon. Their sources say Landon will direct and write the project, which is described as a “cousin” to the Paranormal Activity movies.

The Reporter specifies that it’s not a sequel, spin-off or reboot. The film will be Latino themed, English spoken, it will star a Latino cast, and it will “tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology.” As the site notes, a Catholic theme and found-footage horror were blended in this year’s The Devil Inside. This one specifies Latino-themed, which may offer an additional cultural aspect to the story, in addition to religion. The site doesn't specify that this will be a found-footage horror, but THR does say it will be micro-budgeted, and given the team, it might be safe to expect a similar format to the PA films.

As for how the film might be a “cousin” to the Paranormal Activity films, if I were to speculate, I’d say that perhaps it will take place within the same “world” as the PA movies, focusing on an entirely new and unrelated set of characters, (with possible nods or references to Katie/Kristi story). Would that qualify as something that’s not a reboot, sequel or spin-off?

THR hasn’t gotten confirmation from Paramount on this information yet, but from what their source says, we could potentially see this movie in theaters by January 2013.

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