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Even before the action-laden fairy tale adventure Snow White and the Huntsman reaches theaters, we’re starting to hear that Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman – the second half of the narrative equation – might be the breakout star. Which might be why the executives behind the potential franchise have said in an interview that if the films spawns a sequel, it would follow Hemsworth’s character, and not Kristen Stewart. Who’s the fairest of them all now?

Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, who candidly admitted during a talk at the Savannah Film Festival that Hollywood makes too many “shitty movies,” opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about potential sequels for the animated The Lorax and this summer’s Snow White. While there are no plans to extend the former, Meyer did admit that the film’s success “does have us thinking about doing more Dr. Seuss movies.”

As for The Huntsman, Meyer said building franchises with brand-name recognition is key. He said that on the surface, Snow White doesn’t lend itself to a sequel, but further stories centered around the Huntsman could be possible.

Hemsworth likely is in for a blockbuster summer. He’ll kick-start the season playing Thor as part of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, and then has Huntsman out on June 1. It’s interesting how we spilled so much “ink” on the battle between rival Snow White movies, yet Mirror Mirror only has made $36.4 million to date. Huntsman could pass that mark during its opening weekend, if it’s as good as Meyer leads us to believe. And if it’s great, Hemsworth could have two major franchises on his hands … a good problem for a young actor on the rise.

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