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Len Wiseman’s Total Recall started teasing its wares recently with an extended trailer and a pretty cool motion poster. Now that the basic premise of Wiseman’s reboot has been established, expect to see images and short clips dribble in to keep fans invested until the sci-fi actioner reaches theaters in August. Along those lines, we have an action shot to share, courtesy of The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide (via

Obviously, that’s Colin Farrell returning fire against an unseen enemy. He’s being assisted by Jessica Biel, and its possible he’s firing at his “wife,” played by Wiseman’s own spouse, Kate Beckinsale. The new Recall, like the old Recall, follows an blue-collar worker in a distant future who pays for an experimental “vacation,” but wakes up to learn he’s buried deep in a government conspiracy and might, in fact, be a spy.

Will Farrell live up to original Recall star Arnold Schwarzenegger? Will he even try? Or will his Quaid branch off in a completely different direction? Hard to tell from this early image, though look at the size of the bullet holes surrounding Farrell’s dangling character. Something major was trying to take him out, and his medium-sized gun doesn’t seem like enough to get the defense job done.

We’ll keep the Total Recall train moving with items like this as we continue to get ready for the film’s release on Aug. 3.

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