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Allow me to quote the great Terry Crews when I say, "You know you got to have a trailer for the trailer now, son." The actor and former NFL player has pretty much summed up the way online movie marketing has been working lately, in which we see tiny glimpses of a trailer-- or in the case of The Hunger Games, about eighty frames-- before the actual thing arrives online. The trailer for the trailer that Crews is talking about is this new one from The Expendables, in which we see the highlights from the film-- that is, the explosions-- before we realize we've been cruelly teased. See what I mean in the trailer-trailer below.

To be fair, Lionsgate deserves credit for making the whole thing a bit meta, and when it's coming to you from the energetic Terry Crews, you feel a little less resentful for being shown a 10-second sizzle reel of explosions that don't actually resemble the trailer that's to come. I was honestly more interested in the big character poster debut that happened last week, which at least reminded you of just how many people are in this movie, and allowed you to marvel at the shrapnel flying behind them. These explosions could easy be cut together from other action movies-- and somehow, given how much The Expendables cribbed from action films of days gone by, it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

But even if you're impatient like I am for the real deal, we don't have long to wait-- as Mr. Crews says, the full trailer is debuting online this Thursday. And if you have the patience that everything else on the Internet seems to lack, you can wait all the way until The Expendables 2 actually comes to theaters, on August 17. For everything we know about the movie thus far, visit our Blend Film Database.

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