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If you love your comedies raunchy and wild, then mark your calendars for Klown's Stateside debut. The Danish tale of debauchery centers on two friends, Frank (Frank Hvam) and Casper (Casper Christensen), who are preparing to cast off on their much-anticipated "The Tour de Pussy" canoe trip to a notorious brothel, when Frank discovers his girlfriend is pregnant. Convinced Frank is far too immature to be a proper father, she confesses she's considering an abortion. And so Frank decides to prove his papa potential by taking her nephew along on his trip, though he assures Casper this will not cut down on the sex, drugs and drinking. And it doesn't.

Last month Drafthouse Films unveiled a fittingly crude red-band trailer, but as Klown approaches its cross-platform release, a green-band trailer has been created that teases some of the film's crass humor, but also proclaims the raucous acclaim critics are heaping on this fearless feature. You can check out this trailer below—or in hi-res at Apple—but be forewarned, it contains some major punch line spoilers.

Audiences eager for The Hangover 3--which is shoots this summer—will likely revel in Klown's jaw-droppingly obscene humor. So it's fitting that The Hangover's helmer Todd Phillips has already signed on to produce the American remake, Clown, which will be penned by and headline R-rated comedy star Danny McBride. Having seen the film, I can see how Phillips and McBride are a great fit for the material, but wonder if they'll shy away from some of the movie's more taboo moments, in fear that they might alienate American moviegoers who may not be ready for this new level of debauchery-drenched comedy.

Is it too crude for you? Find out July 27th, when Klown will hit theaters, and be made available on VOD and digital platforms.

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