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Back in 1995 news of another Die Hard sequel would have set the Internet ablaze. These days, though, most of us are far too busy tracking the comings and goings of Spider-Man, Batman and the Avengers to bother with average-Joe John McClane (Bruce Willis) and the latest terrorist cell he’s disrupting. But we’ll still try to keep the flame of interest burning for A Good Day to Die Hard, because, well, it’s a Die Hard sequel, for God’s sake (and Live Free or Die Hard wasn't as bad as haters make it out to be).

A new video posted by an on-location fan is making the rounds, showing some behind-the-scenes footage of a film crew reportedly shooting the Die Hard sequel in Budapest. The clip was posted to Moviezine, but the site’s in another language. However, it's clearly labeled as A Good Day to Die Hard footage, with tons of Willis sprinkled throughout. So yes, McClane is back!

What else is shown? Well, two orange trucks clear a roadway that’s later used for what looks like a car chase; we get shots of Willis out of the makeup chair, where he has been severely bloodied and bruised; and we see an explosion scene through the eye’s of the director’s monitor, followed by footage of Jai Courtney (playing Willis’ son, Jack McClane), who’s also bloody and badly beaten. The money shot comes later in the clip, which involves a helicopter, firefighters, and what looks to be a hotel bellhop. See for yourself:

John Moore directs the fifth Die Hard movie, which takes place in Russia and somehow finds McClane getting his son out of prison and working to uncover a terrorist plot. It will be in theaters on February 14, 2013. I wonder, can a trailer be far behind? Perhaps attached to Fox’s The Watch at the end of July? We shall see.

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