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After a day of massive Hall H panels that included Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, Sony Pictures steps into the last slot of the day and prepares to amaze the masses with material from three anticipated projects. And we’re perched in the Hall, ready to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage.

Up first, Len Wiseman's Total Recall, based on the Philip K. Dick’s story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.” They're ready to start. We expect to see Wiseman on stage with stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Bryan Cranston. Here we go!

4:44 People are scrambling to get seats. Energy in the room is palpable. This one should be big!

4:46 The cast is on stage. Bryan Cranston is taking pics of the audience. Wiseman says he remembers teasing Recall last year at Comic Con. Questions are coming, but first, footage! Be right back.

4:55 They showed 6 minutes of footage. Makes sense, as the movie's done and ready to open. Reboot, remake ... I don't care. Recall looks fantastic. We saw a number of key action sequences, but here's all that matters: Three-breasted woman.

4:56 The cast is getting a lot of questions about their physical preparation. Mainly, they ate a lot of chicken. Farrell does give a shout out to his stunt double before quickly mentioning that he rarely used him.

4:58 Fan questions already. First guy has a three-pronged question. I'm confused, but Wiseman says it was the mystery of the Recall story that attracted him to the project.

5:00 Farrell says that he found a sense of liberation at the end of this story, then realizes that in talking about his character's journey, he's talking about his personal life, as well. He laughs off a self-deprecating joke about the psychiatrist's couch. He's as charismatic as you'd imagine.

5:01 Though Beckinsale admits "Sharon Stone rocked it," she confirms that their tone's different from the original. Farrell jokes that Beckinsale thought Wiseman was going to be remaking Basic Instinct.

5:02 "If we didn't have the hooker with three boobs, we all would have been very upset." Thank you, Mr. Cranston.

5:04 Nervous guy from the Resident Evil panel is back to ask Colin Farrell if he thought of doing Recall in his Irish accent. He didn't. But he considered doing it in an Austrian accent "for about 7 minutes." The crowd tries to get him to do it. He doesn't.

5:05 Breaking Bad and Ondine shout outs in the same question. We have a winner!

5:08 Farrell says that while he was nervous about doing another remake, Wiseman won him over by showing him test footage of what the world would look like. Cranston confirms that his "training" for this film took place in a bar, drinking with Wiseman. The idea of someone besides me drinking with Walter White makes me seethe with jealousy.

5:09 Jessica BIel gets to talk! I almost forgot she was up there. But she tells us there's a love story at the heart of Recall, and her challenge was finding the time to develop that angle amidst all of the explosions. In telling this, everyone on the panel admits they've slept with Wiseman.

5:11 "Those three tits have done a number on your head, man!" The second best quote of the day comes to us from Mr. Colin Farrell, who addresses a stoner surfer at the mic as the guy stumbles through his question. Oh, Farrell didn't feel like he needed to fill Arnold's shoes. "It felt like it already was different enough."

5:12 That guy who just choked at the mic just walked past me, audibly muttering, "Such an idiot." Well, yes.

5:14 Next guy at the mic admits he got into Hall H after waiting only two minutes. Is resoundly booed. He then asks Beckinsale what it was like being an ass-kicking action hero. She references her 13-year-old daughter, and says these newfound skills will be able to help her fend off suitors for her child.

5:15 The panel is going great. But Cranston is really killing it.

5:16 Farrell says they built a number of huge sets in Toronto, which helped him get into character by playing off of actual material and not having to act alongside a tennis ball. He said one of their sets looked like an opium den, so "I felt like I was right at home."

And that's it for Total Recall, which really looks great. They brought a solid sizzle reel to Comic Con, and now have me looking forward to the film's opening in a few weeks.

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